Why does HP printer not print black?

14 Oct
Whether you are taking out print for personal or for professional purposes, Hewlett Packard’s printers has always been the first choice for many. While taking out print, you encounter with many issues and probably on daily basis.  Same case happens in HP Printer Not Printing while choosing its for doing your standard output sets. Such issues in HP printer can be paper jams in printer, text clarity, slow prints, discoloration or unknown error detection. Above all the most common issue you can face with your HP printer is that it is now in no mood to give you black and white print. 
If you are facing an issue with your HP printer of not printing in black, you can get some quick fixes to begin the interrupted HP printer work soon. Check out the list of things to help yourself.

Go With Basic:
Turn off your printer and disconnect its USB cable from the system. Plug in and reconnect with your system and restart the system.
Print “Quality Diagnostic Report”. This option will be available on the setting of the printer’s display screen.
Check the ink volume for your black print cartilage and resume with your work.

Change for clog head 

Before checking for the clog, make sure the cartilage stops in the middle.

Do not touch the print head, lift the lever up and take out the cartilage.

Clean the cartilage with a damp cloth to remove any dust or gunk over the print head.

Reinstall the cartilage and run the print test to double check the ink level and resume with your print.

Automatic cleaning 

Advanced hp printer comes with automatic cleaning features. Run an automatic cleaning feature with your printer, but you must prepare for lots of cartilage ink wastages as well.

Running this feature twice or thrice can help but may take much of the ink. 

Advanced Fixes 

If above features does not work with your hp printer, try to update the printer’s driver. 

Uninstall the printer’s driver and Install the latest printer’s driver compatible with your hardware and operating system. 

Conclusion: These are some general quick fixes to resume your work for printing black and white. If problem persists hp printer support group is always there to help you. Dialing hp printers support phone number for your queries regarding printing issues provide sigh of relief. It is advised that you can use this contact number as you face the trouble related to Printer Not Printing. There is no need to move here and there and come on our third party professional team for removing its persistent flaws. Feel free to ask our technician taking soon assistance.

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